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Upslope Brewing Company

Upslope Brewing Crew

Upslope Brewing Crew

Upslope Brewing Company, a new microbrewery located in the expanding North Boulder area, taps into Colorado’s active lifestyle by offering superior quality hand-crafted ales in cans for the on-the-go beer enthusiast.  The teaming of fine ales in cans allows Upslope’s products to be mobile and easily part of an active lifestyle.  Shared with friends after a long mountain bike ride, enjoyed at the end of skinning up and skiing down a snowy trail, or ordered in a local pub, Upslope is a natural fit for the active beer consumer living in the Front Range and Western Slope of Colorado.

This past fall, Upslope announced its presence in the marketplace via its two flagship products: a clear, crisp, dry Pale Ale, and a bold, deep, and bitter India Pale Ale.  Establishing itself first in North Boulder and gaining momentum in Boulder County and beyond, Upslope Brewing Company has an on-site tap room that also acts as a retail outlet.  In addition to selling on-site, Upslope self-distributes to local liquor stores, taverns and restaurants.  Focusing on providing an excellent product with excellent service, the brewery showcases its products as the best option to go along with a camping trip, a rafting trip, or an afternoon hike.


Brewed with Patagonian hops, high quality Rahr malts, snowmelt and yeast, Upslope’s ales satisfy a wide range of beer drinkers. We have chosen to package our beer in cans because they are portable, light, crushable and the most recyclable container on the planet.


Upslope Pale Ale

This clear, crisp, dry pale ale is our signature beer. It’s refreshing characteristics, and signature dry finish, blends smooth malt flavors with a unique spicy hop bitterness.  This will be the “go to” beer on any camping trip, fishing excursion or music festival.

Upslope India Pale Ale

Our IPA will appeal to the beer enthusiast who desires a bold, deep and bitter ale.  With a coppery color indicative of a traditional IPA, Upslope India Pale Ale has a complex malty character and is more well-balanced than most IPA’s, but still offers that bitterness that IPA lovers seek.

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  1. Aaron Anderson permalink
    June 29, 2009 10:00 am

    Hey guys, this may be a long shot but it’s been on my mind, so here goes…
    I’ve had a few UpSlope beers and find them more refreshing and interesting than a lot of Boulder-based brews, plus they taste very true to style. I really like the idea of canning micros and am glad to see someone else (other than OB) put good beer into cans.

    I’m seeking part-time employment where I can use my skills gained from brewing professionally for 6+ yrs.
    I am proficient in brewing operations, filtering (DE/Plate Frame/Centrifuge), kegging, yeast management, and production/cellar work. I was the head brewer for Gordon Biersch and Breckenridge Brewery at their respective satellite brewpubs in Memphis, Tennessee. I have brewed for Coors, Abita, Avery, and The Mountain Sun, before starting a new career as a travel writer for the Lonely Planet. I have been writing guidebooks since 2006 and have authored 7 titles so far, including: Thailand, Madagascar, Cycling in Britain, Austria, Washington DC, and Arizona, Grand Canyon & New Mexico. I specialize in remote areas of the world and of course, writing about beer.

    I would like to get back into brewing beer while I finish my teaching degree qualifications and have been wondering if you are expanding your brewing staff @ UpSlope.
    Please feel free to contact me anytime if you guys find yourselves in need of an experienced brewer.
    Aaron Anderson

  2. July 7, 2009 6:37 am

    Love your site and can’t wait to try your beer!

  3. Matt Green permalink
    July 8, 2009 1:01 pm

    Greetings Upslope Brewing Team,

    My name is Matt Green and I am a huge fan of Colorado craft beers! I live in Colorado Springs and would love to visit your brewery someday soon. In the mean time; I was wondering if you could send me an Upslope sticker and/or coaster. If so, I would proudly display it in my kitchen (where many people often enjoy craft brews). I would be glad to send you my address.

    Thank you and Cheers!

    ~Matty Green

  4. July 8, 2009 7:40 pm

    Guys – interested in entering the United States Beer Tasting Championship this summer? Go to our site for omore about us.


  5. July 10, 2009 11:54 am

    The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club is contacting Upslope Brewing Company in hopes that you would be willing to make a donation or sponsor our upcoming fundraiser: Wild Step! Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club’s Hike for the Environment. Wild Step! will be taking place on Saturday, September 19th at Foothills Community Park in Boulder, Colorado.

    All the proceeds of this event will help support programs such as Cool Colorado, which aims to have all cities and counties in Colorado agree to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 2% per year by 2050. We know that you are environmentally concussions organizations and we would be greatly appreciative of any support you could give us. Please look over the attached Sponsorship Proposal and get back to us. Feel free to email or call Erin Peters at or call 720-935-1989 with any questions or comments you might have.

    Please help support Wild Step! 09 to help keep Colorado a beautiful place to live.

    Thank You

    Erin Peters

    Volunteer Corporate Sponsorship Chair

    Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter

    1536 Wynkoop St, 4C

    Denver, CO 80202

    303-861-8819 ext.1

  6. July 15, 2009 6:49 am


    I am interested in becoming involved in your bid process for employee uniforms, t-shirts, and gift shop merchandise. Please respond as to how to become involved in your process. Thanks!

    Have a great day!

  7. July 15, 2009 2:21 pm

    I’m the beer reviewer for The Denver Post and would like to review one of your products. However, I can’t find a phone number or a website for you other than this blog. I need to speak with someone at your brewery before I can review your beer. Please contact me at

  8. Mike Scheffler permalink
    July 20, 2009 2:52 pm

    I would like to be notified of events or new beers from Upslope. Please add me to your email list.

  9. Mike Cutter permalink
    July 21, 2009 1:35 pm

    Great beer especially the India Pale Ale. It just hurts that us flat landers can’t get easy access on this side of the Mississippi.

  10. Danny Thames permalink
    July 21, 2009 6:18 pm

    Hey Guys,
    My beautiful wifeypoo, myself and a couple of friends came in last Saturday and had a great time with Chad. We tried the Pale Ale and IPA and fell in love with both. Chad was kind enough to sell me an aluminum growler and I emptied it playing Baggos with the locals. I wish I could have stayed for a couple of more hours. What a great place. Thanks for making a great day.
    Danny Thames (FBI) Fat Boy of Illinois

  11. Cory permalink
    July 21, 2009 6:33 pm

    Do you have a distributor some where in the midwest? We like to drink beer out here buy the caseload, sometimes kegload. I don’t know much about distributorships, but I bet I could put one together and sell your brew out here! I am kinda kidding, but kinda not!

  12. Ann McCollum permalink
    August 30, 2009 4:48 pm

    It would be great if you had a page or area on your website that told me where I could get Upslope . . . (is it there and I am missing it?). Congrats on your success!

    • August 31, 2009 12:59 pm


      Thanks for asking! Yes we are working on a website that would give you that information. Do you live in Boulder County or Denver? If so, tell me where you typically buy beer and we can make some recommendations.


  13. Michael permalink
    September 14, 2009 6:05 am

    Hey there,
    Just read about your fine brew in Mountain Gazette. Where around Aspen/Basalt/Carbondale can I find your beer? I dont think I’ve seen it for sale yet.
    Any chance you guys will be at Telluride Blues & Brews this weekend (9/18-21/09)?

    • September 15, 2009 7:21 am

      Michael, we are not yet distributed on the West Slope. Hopefully, we will get out to the mountains before too long. For now, have your friends who are visiting the Boulder/Denver area pick up a 6 or 12 pack for you! Cheers.

  14. September 18, 2009 2:43 pm

    Hi Guys,
    I was wondering if you hiring. I would like to get into Beer Brewing. Let me know if you need help in the brewery.
    Who do I send a resume to. Good Micro-Brews are hard to find. Good luck I hope you are a success.
    Brad Krynski

  15. Bryon Evans permalink
    October 5, 2009 4:15 pm

    Hello, I was given one of your beers as a referral from a friend. I thought it was great! I am the VP of a distributor who covers all of Ohio with Wine and New Age products. (Red Bull, Nesquik, Coffee Mate, Arizona, etc.) We are getting ready to start a craft beer division and would like to gauge your interest. I can be reached at 248-755-9282.

    Bryon Evans
    Buckeye Distributing
    VP GM – Wine / NA

  16. Andrew permalink
    October 8, 2009 2:06 pm

    Saw your products at my LLS and had to give ’em a try. Great stuff! Add a dry stout and I would never buy another brand in my life.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  17. MIKE WURST permalink
    October 8, 2009 9:32 pm

    Do you have retail packaging? if so, do you have capacity to expand in to Minnesota?
    Best Regards
    Mike W
    Pinnacle Distributing

  18. Angeles Vazquez permalink
    October 14, 2009 3:57 pm

    Hello I am a collector of coasters of Seville
    and very am interested in its beer.
    I would want to know if coasters is possible to send some of his
    My adress
    Mª Angeles Vazquez Custodio
    c/ Jacinto Benavente 2 4ºB
    41010 Seville

  19. Mike Bushard permalink
    October 14, 2009 7:08 pm

    Great job guys! Way to follow your dreams. Just picked up twelve pack of your I.P.A. at Liquor Mart in Boulder, and it tastes excellent. Love those hops. Cheers and das reinheitsgebot!!

    The Pirate XXX

  20. mat smith permalink
    October 17, 2009 11:47 am

    I was excited to hear about your brewery and then I found IPA in my local store, so I was super excited to try it out. I have to say, it is not very IPA. In my opinion, as an IPA lover, it is way too malty and sweet, more like a hoppier Scottish ale. I wish I had known this because I dont like malty beers, if the packaging had a description that mentions ‘dark color, malty’ that would be more informative than “bold, deep, bitter”

  21. Chris permalink
    October 25, 2009 2:07 pm

    Where might someone living in Denver find this wonderful beer?

    • November 9, 2009 7:01 pm

      Have you taken a look at our new retail partner tab? We have now listed all of the locations where Upslope can be purchased.

  22. December 16, 2009 9:24 am


  23. December 19, 2009 9:39 pm

    I came across your IPA at Total Beverage in Westy tonight and grabbed a six in cans. It is very satisfying. Great IPA! Congratulations on a job well brewed! “Fresh hopped flavor” is in my mouth right now. Thanks

  24. Charlie permalink
    December 31, 2009 3:00 pm

    Can you guys get this stuff distributed to more places? I am doing the best I can by drinking a ton and getting my friends and co-workers hooked, but I have to drive out to Louisville/Superior from Westminster each time.

    Keep up the good work!

    • January 11, 2010 5:54 pm

      Hi, Charlie. Thanks for being an Upslope ambassador! You can find Upslope hand-crafted ales in your Westminster Total Beverage and The Liquor Stop. Check out the ‘Retail Partners’ tab.


  25. January 15, 2010 2:17 am

    P O V I L A S _ M I K A L A J U N A S_
    E G L Y N O _17_
    4 1 1 1 0 _ B I R Z A I _
    L I T H U A N I A_

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    I am a beer label collector from Lithuania and I am interested in labels (from bottles, PET and kegs), bottle caps and beer coasters from Your country. I don’t beer labels of Your brewery in my collection, therefore I want to ask You to send me some labels, caps and coasters in order to complete my collection and add some to the fund of exchange.
    If You are interested in labels from our country I am ready to help You.

    Yours Faithfully,
    P. M I K A L A J U N A S

  26. Ken Stone permalink
    January 16, 2010 7:59 pm

    Love the IPA!! Great job! As soon as I pop the can open, I can smell the aroma of HOPS! I’ve never had a beer this “thick” and yet refreshing at the same time. Sweet and bitter combined into one great beer. Spot on, with the Bold, Deep, and Bitter!

  27. Dan Overton permalink
    January 21, 2010 6:53 am

    I live in tennessee and would like to know how i could go about trying to get some of the upslope pale ale. If you can mail it just let me know.

  28. February 6, 2010 4:59 pm

    Just tried your pale ale. Great beer; very refreshing. Keep up the great work!

  29. Adam permalink
    March 1, 2010 10:38 am

    I really enjoy pale ales and i have herd great things about Upslope. i live on the east coast any chance it will make it out this way.

    • March 4, 2010 9:44 am


      We don’t currently have plans to distribute to the east coast, but doesn’t this give you a great reason to visit Colorado?

  30. Steve Schwartz permalink
    March 6, 2010 7:12 pm

    WOW! I had the chance to pick up both the IPA and the Pale Ale at Total Beverage not too long ago when it was a sampling day. All I can say is the Pale is out of sight as far as a casual , drink it with a salad or spicy chili ale. The style , to me, is a distinctively Rocky Mountain style – not overbearing in the end , just a straight smooth finish. Dales Pale Ale was my ale of choice – Upslope now is! When I am in the mood for my hops the IPA is a good drop – not overbearing but you know it’s there. This is an IPA that the third tastes as good as the first – you get the hops but you don’t get that “heavy” taste after the first one. The only better one that I have tried lately is my own IPA, however I like my Irish Moss for the additional depth ! Kudos to you guys – I once again have faith in the craft beer industry for not selling out to commercial tastes and keeping it real. Cheers!

    • April 3, 2010 6:31 pm

      Thanks for the good words, Steve. Dinstinctively Rocky Mountain style . . . I like that. We are purposely creating very easy-drinking ales. That’s not to say that we won’t go big, but we tend toward balance and dry, rather than sweet, finishes. We are perhaps the antithesis of commercial. Come on by the brewery if you haven’t already and get a feel of who we are. Great to hear that you are homebrewing. That’s the foundation of what makes Colorado a great beer state. Keep brewing!

  31. March 9, 2010 5:56 pm

    Come on, guys. Your website needs some work. It might actually be visited by people (like me) who really enjoy beer. I want to know about your beers first, and your political struggles second. Check out the Sam Adams website.

    Thanks for reading.

    PS: I live in south Boulder, and I appreciate the fact that you have been able to open a new brewry in this market. Good luck.

    • April 3, 2010 6:32 pm

      Chris, thanks for the comments. You’re right, we are long overdue for a website. Stay tuned . . .

  32. SCOOTER9092001 permalink
    March 10, 2010 6:36 pm


    • April 3, 2010 6:36 pm

      I’m having an Upslope IPA right now. While sometimes I prefer the Pale after work or with a meal, we really believe that we have something special here with this IPA. Dany and I collaborated on this about a year and a half ago. I suggested certain hops, and he had a very specific idea of what he wanted for a malt profile. After brewing only his second pilot batch, I said, “Can you really brew this at a commercial level?!”

  33. Brett permalink
    March 14, 2010 8:36 pm

    How do you feel about giving to non-profit organizations?

    • April 3, 2010 6:39 pm

      Hi, Brett,

      Thanks for asking. We do contribute product and time to several non-profits. We evaluate each request, one at a time, and see if there is a good fit for us to help. Feel free to contact us with your requests.

  34. Chantel Osborne permalink
    March 21, 2010 11:16 am

    Hi to everyone at Upslope Brewery, I am working at the Denver Art Museum and currently we’re preparing for an exhibition for King Tut and the Pharaohs and I am researching different aspects of Egyptian life and culture. I’ve found that beer was surprisingly their beverage of choice, and it seems a great way to bridge a gap between the ancients and our modern visitors. That being said I am trying to look into some of Denver’s best breweries to see if there are any individuals knowledgeable on ancient brewing whether it be reconstructing their formulas, knowledge on brewing practices, or anything else to help us with our research. Does anyone at your brewery know more on this subject or even know other individuals in Colorado who could help?

    • April 3, 2010 6:55 pm


      I recalled reading a story about Dogfish Head brewing a beer that came from a recipe found in an ancient Egyptian tomb. You can find their Midas Touch beer in local liquor stores which is based on this recipe. I learned not that long ago, from a brewer that came in from Homer, Alaska, that beer was brewed with herbs and not hops for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until the brewers and hop growers got together that something really perfect started to happen. I encourage you to reach out to the folks at Dogfish Head for more information.

  35. Powell permalink
    April 1, 2010 12:40 pm

    Do you ship to any stores in the Little Rock, Arkansas area?

    • April 3, 2010 6:57 pm

      Sorry, we currently only self-distribute on the Front Range of Colorado. Pretty limited, but it’s a start!! We encourage you to come visit us and bring some home to the beer enthusiasts in Little Rock.

  36. Mike permalink
    April 2, 2010 2:09 pm

    Hey guys,

    Just a note to wish you the best of luck as you embark on your brewing adventure. I seek out & enjoy trying new brews & was quite pleased to discover another brewery that eschews bottles in favor of cans. I was even more delighted when I tasted your IPA; it is quite good. In fact, it is now one of my preferred IPAs b/c it retains a good malt/hop balance while providing the requisite bitterness and hop flavor expected of an IPA. Plus, its very drinkable despite the 7.2 ABV. I look forward to your growth and to trying more beer styles as you brew them.


    • April 3, 2010 7:07 pm


      Thanks for the good words about cans and IPA. Good to hear that you “get” cans. Many Colorado craft beer lovers do. When you’re bagging the next fourteener, do you bring bottles or cans? While we certainly have no problems with bottles, cans are definitely more portable. It’s good to get the feedback that you have given, because what you have described is EXACTLY what we had intended, a very easy-drinking, well-balanced IPA, but still something with great body and a decent supply of hops. Our Head Brewer, Dany, also insisted that it be a traditional copper color. I encourage you to come by the Tap Room to try the others that we only have on tap there.

  37. Andrew Voss permalink
    April 2, 2010 4:17 pm

    I’ve received some of your spent grain recently via Tristan K…. thanks. I’ll be composting it into the hop yard I’m expanding this year/this month. I look forward to meeting you all soon, discussing Colorado grown hops, and talking to Dany about my own travels to El Bolson, Puerto Williams, and Ushuaia.
    – Andrew

    • April 3, 2010 7:15 pm

      Great to hear that the byproduct of our process can benefit you and your farm. We have yet to “throw away” our spent grains. They have gone into gardens, fed cattle (I hear that they come running for the stuff!), and into farmers fields to enhance the soil which provides local produce for all of us. Please come by the brewery soon and talk to Dany and myself about your travels. Much of our hops comes from El Bolson, and with Dany and his first brewery, Beagle Brewery, being in Ushuaia, you have a lot of experience with our roots.

      • Andrew Voss, Voss Farms permalink
        August 30, 2010 5:43 am

        Hop harvest is in full swing… your spent grains are certain to have helped the soil fertility and composition that they are growing in. Cascades, Chinook, Willamette, and Nugget hop all produced great this year. Finishing harvest this week. Thanks again for the ‘by-product’ .

  38. Kevin permalink
    April 23, 2010 10:28 pm

    I first tasted your IPA after a Mountain Bike ride last year at Centennial Cone. Since then your IPA has become one of my favorite brews. After a trip to Moab with some Upslope, my wife has also joined in and agreed Upslope IPA is top notch. My wife and I are making recommendations to carry your brews at more stores here in Arvada. Let us know how to send referals. Cheers!

  39. Jeff permalink
    April 27, 2010 2:23 pm

    Any chance a guy could get a hold of some spent grains and hops for his garden? I think this stuff would make great compost/mulch and it would bring me closer to a product I love.

  40. James in Arkansas permalink
    May 7, 2010 6:45 pm

    I love your beer and would love to be able to sell it in Arkansas. Next week I will be in Boulder, and I will be sure to stop by the Tap Room. Arkansas should be the first state that you distribute to outside of Colorado. Arkansans love Craft beer!!

  41. Jon permalink
    June 3, 2010 12:33 pm

    I live in Maryland. I love pale ales…how can i get your beer?

  42. June 5, 2010 1:33 am

    I am always interested in marketing a new product and it sounds like you have done your homework. I would like to introduce it to the Fargo, North Dakota market. With Minnesota next door who knows how far we could go. I have been a business owner, televsion station sales manager for advertising, opened a radio station and a new tv station. I know the market from Dickinson, ND to Minneapolis. I know some huge club owners in Minneapolis that could give it a test drive. I know an owner in the Orlando area that has 2 clubs; my daughter goes with him. I have been looking for a new beer to market in this college town and this could be a success! Send me some product and prices this could be what you are looking for,cash flow and profit.

  43. Vinny Mitchell permalink
    June 12, 2010 10:10 pm

    WOW….. This one took me back. When It comes to color, flavor and overall appeal the India Pale Ale is off the CHAIN…. Glad to see it coming from home. I Love the Kick that this IPA packs…….. Pleasing in ever way and enjoyed by it it was offered to……BRAVO!!!!!!!

  44. Andrew permalink
    July 18, 2010 4:07 pm

    I tried your IPA on a recent visit there. I am from Seattle and we have are fair share of great beers, but that IPA you guys make is damn good. My mouth is watering right now. Can’t wait to visit Colorado at the end of this month!

  45. Lee Smith permalink
    July 23, 2010 10:55 pm

    It’s all true. Most excellent balance; aroma, bittering, malty yet finishes cleanly. Plus the fact it’s 7.2%. You’ve done extremely well with this one. I was just passin’ by, bound for Tucson, when I saw the sign on the way into Boulder from Estes. My good fortune. Alex took good care of me and sent me on my way with a 50/50 sixer of Pale and India Pale. With the capacity that you have, we need you in Tucson. Think about it. Cheers!

  46. Mark permalink
    August 25, 2010 3:28 pm

    I am starting up a restaurant and was wondering what processes i had to go through to be able to serve and carry your product

    (720) 261-0971

  47. Buck Unsderfer permalink
    August 28, 2010 1:52 pm

    Went to Logan Liquors yesterday to get some libations for a BBQ and one of your reps was there doing a promotion….. I’m glad he was there…I’m an avid beer drinker and I’m glad I have discovered your products….. I’m a huge fan of your beers!!!!!!! The Pale Ale in particular is awesome!

  48. September 22, 2010 4:15 pm

    Just came back from GABF with a 6 pack of your IPA, after trying some at your booth. Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it! The hoppiness is just right and there is a definite malt note as it warms. I’ll be back in Boulder for the Beer Bloggers Conference in November and will be looking for more of your brews to bring back to FL.

    Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  49. Seth Danner permalink
    October 16, 2010 4:50 pm

    Your IPA is now on my list for consistant purchasing. It is a near perfect IPA, and i mean come on it comes in a can. The box was on sale at aggie discount liquor here in Ft. Collins, and believe me once I get four box tops I will definitly be making a trek to your tap room.

    • November 1, 2010 7:45 pm

      Hey, Seth. Thanks for giving us a shot. That’s right, killer IPA in a can . . . as crazy as that sounds. Definitely come by the tap room. We’d love to meet ya.

  50. Nick permalink
    November 25, 2010 5:45 am

    Hands down the best Pumpkin Ale on the planet. Whatever you guys do with that brew, keep doing it and do it even bigger next year. You guys would make a killing with that brew if you took it to the shelves. Happy Thanks and Thanks for making my Thanks even better with Pumpkin Ale. Awesome!!

  51. Emily Loose permalink
    December 21, 2010 4:09 pm

    I just used some of Upslope Brown Ale for the broth of a beef stew and it was FANTASTIC!

    • December 27, 2010 2:56 pm

      Thanks for the comment, Emily. I have a killer Irish stew recipe that uses Guinness. I’ll have to switch that up sometime with some Upslope Brown Ale.

  52. Matt (Microbrew) Lyman permalink
    May 1, 2011 10:43 am

    Just met Luke at Bubbles in Castle Rock. I’m all about local Microbrews and must say you doing a great job. True to the Art and can only see greeat things for your Business. Keep it UP!

  53. Jim permalink
    May 20, 2011 4:00 pm

    I had lunch with some friends in Boulder (at Salt) 2 or 3 years ago and the waitress suggested your beer. It was so good on the way to Vail I detoured through Boulder and bought a six of one and a six on India Pale Ale. I really like the India Pale Ale. If there had not been a big blizzard on the way back, I would have stopped and bought a couple of cases. Great beer, looking forward to going back skiing and drinking some more of your brew. I normally only drink Czech beers, or a real pinch will occassionally drink a German beer and I have to say you guys are up there!!!

  54. August 25, 2011 9:34 am

    I’m planning to be in Boulder next week for work, and hope to stop by Tuesday night. I say you have “tastings, tours, and pints,” and hope to be able to get a quick tour and have a couple pints. Do you happen to sell cans to go? I’m hoping to find a way to get some back to Illinois.

  55. Melblocko permalink
    August 26, 2011 10:28 am

    My husband and I are from TX and visited your brewery about a year ago. We’re in Denver for the weekend, and are happy to see you on tap at Falling Rock. Keep on brewing great beer! 🙂

  56. Russ Greer permalink
    November 24, 2011 9:07 am

    A good companion in many a back country adventure.

  57. Lisa permalink
    April 17, 2012 10:08 pm

    Super awesome meeting you guys at crafty ladies and the speakeasy! Love the beer! Hope to see you again soon 🙂

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